Not one to ask for help, Dhruvi Patel came to the United States from Mumbai, India when she was just thirteen years old. 她认为如果她想追求上大学的梦想, she’d have to do it on her own. After connecting with an admissions counselor at Penn State Scranton, 帕特尔通过接受宾州州立大学提供给她的支持和资源意识到这一点, a world of possibilities would be made available to her.

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Druhvi Patel, 新太阳城网址斯克兰顿分校2022届工商管理专业毕业生

Quick Fact:

One in four Penn State students is a first-generation student.

“(新太阳城网址斯克兰顿分校的)人们看到了我的潜力,并向我保证我会做得很好. That’s the great thing about this campus; they see your potential and encourage you to get outside your comfort zone.”

First to Inspire

First to Inspire

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The Path to Penn State

2013年3月,Dhruvi Patel和她的家人第一次来到美国, she was starting the eighth grade. Over the next several weeks and months, Patel tackled a lot of firsts: settling into her new home, experiencing snow for the first time, 在一个与她留在印度时完全不同的教育体系中遨游.

“It was not an easy process,” said Patel. “I was in eighth grade, and they wanted me to pick classes for ninth grade, and I didn’t know how to do that. They just gave me what they could. It wasn’t until my junior year that I learned I had options.”

After graduating from Scranton High School, 帕特尔在当地的另一所大学开始了她的大学第一年,但很快她就意识到这所大学并不适合她. 在新太阳城网址斯克兰顿分校参加排灯节庆祝活动之后, 每年十月下旬或十一月初举行的灯节, she knew she wanted to transfer.

“每个人都参与了排灯节活动,不仅仅是印度学生. I knew this was the place I wanted to be. I just clicked with Penn State. 我甚至还不是这里的学生,但我感觉自己很受欢迎,已经是这个社区的一部分了.”

帕特尔说:“每个人都参与了排灯节活动,而不仅仅是印度学生。. “I knew this was the place I wanted to be. I just clicked with Penn State. 我甚至还不是这里的学生,但我感觉自己很受欢迎,已经是这个社区的一部分了.”

Patel connected with Scranton campus admissions officer Julie Bialkowski, 她不仅帮她度过了转学的过程,还帮她做了很多事情.

“Asking for help was hard for me. I never did that in India,” said Patel, 谁认为是Bialkowski把她介绍给宾州斯克兰顿州立大学的. “朱莉是学校里第一个帮助我走出壳子的人. I knew I needed to be here, 她向我保证,我的家人会为我转学的决定感到骄傲.”

​Opening Up

Patel admitted that through high school, she was very closed off from others, 寻求帮助不是她习惯做的事,也不适应. 一到新太阳城网址斯克兰顿分校,帕特尔就知道自己想要变得更开放、更外向.

“When I went to college, 我决定我不想再做那个害羞的人了,我需要走出我的壳,” said Patel. “I’d say I’m more outgoing now, a social butterfly. 我在高中的时候不是这样的因为我一直想自己弄清楚很多事情.”

作为第一代学生,斯克兰顿校园的社区和帕特尔建立的人脉关系帮助她度过了大学生活,确保她能够实现自己的目标. From obtaining an internship to becoming the Student Government Association 帕特尔是法学院申请过程中的财务主管,他非常感谢这些支持.

“I love the campus and the faculty,” said Patel. “他们从第一天开始就督促我变得更好,如果不是他们,我不会像今天这样自信.”

帕特尔也接受了开放式的课堂环境,她很惊喜地被鼓励通过在课堂上发言来分享自己的想法. 在一次公开演讲课上,她回忆起学生们必须完成的一个采访练习.

新太阳城网址的学生Dhruvi Patel和一位教授在校园里散步

“I love the campus and the faculty. 他们从第一天开始就督促我变得更好,如果不是他们,我不会像今天这样自信.”

“We had to interview one another and record it,” said Patel. “当我看我的视频时,我看到了我的肢体语言,它教会了我很多什么该做,什么不该做. It was interesting to look at myself, but I learned so much.”

Because of the support from faculty and staff, as well as her peers, 帕特尔现在欣然接受自己的位置,帮助其他人走上与她类似的道路. 在她的新太阳城网址的职业生涯中,她一直是同侪导师,新生迎新活动的领导者,和一个 Lion Ambassador.

“When I used to give tours as a Lion Ambassador, 我意识到我喜欢讲述我关于宾州州立大学的故事,并向潜在的学生介绍这所大学,” said Patel. “I get so excited when people ask me about Penn State.”

She has even begun to motivate her younger brother, who also plans to attend college to pursue a career in finance. 帕特尔希望他会考虑追随她的脚步,进入新太阳城网址斯克兰顿分校.

​A New Chapter

Patel is now preparing to take the LSATs and apply to law school. 而她最初是受一场家庭悲剧的启发而追求刑法的, 她流利的四门语言使她倾向于移民法,她认为她可以在移民法方面产生积极的影响.


新太阳城网址学生Dhruvi Patel站在宾州斯克兰顿州立大学的Nittany狮子雕像前

Eight years ago, 帕特尔一家搬到美国,希望她和她的兄弟能找到更好的工作,接受更好的教育. 当被问及她的父母如何看待她迄今为止所取得的成就时, Patel said, “Unlike some parents, they’ve never put pressure on me to do a specific thing. 他们鼓励我做我想做的事,但只是让我的生活有所成就. When I told them about this story, 他们对我说,他们为我所做的事情和我所走的路感到骄傲.”

Patel’s advice for other first-generation students? Despite fear and difficulty, it will be worth it in the end.

“You shouldn’t be afraid to ask for advice or help,” said Patel. “Penn State is all about helping one another. I know this because I have been there and have helped others. 新太阳城网址是一个社区,如果你克服恐惧,伸出援手,总会有人在你身边.”

Large Bullet Point

位于斯克兰顿城外45英亩的土地上,距离纽约市只有几个小时的路程, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C., Penn State Scranton 提供创新的教学,帮助所有学生实现他们的潜力. Through relationships with civic and business leaders, 校园的独特定位是提供与当地和地区劳动力和经济发展需求紧密结合的教育解决方案.